Broken Spring? Call Door King!


About Springs

Spring systems are the main mechanical component of all Garage Doors. They are crucial in the operation, safety, efficiency, and longevity of all garage doors. Spring systems exist in several forms, with the most commonly used, pictured above. Garage Doors, even at their lightest, can weigh significant amounts, and in order for us to be able to lift them manually as well as with the opener, the springs need to be correctly balanced and installed. This ensures the stress caused by the weight of the door isn't putting pressure on the opener, or yourself when attempting to lift it. A well balanced door should lift easily and not try to crash down at any point during the doors travel when using it manually.

Spring Safety

Spring systems in every circumstance are designed to take the weight of the garage door and are under extreme tension and should never be messed with unless you are a trained Professional. Attempting to fix or replace springs yourself will most often result in an improper installation which leads to further damage and expenses. This can also result in serious injury due to lack of expertise and safety training, and in rare cases, DEATH.

Broken Springs & Spring Types

Spring systems come in several forms and are engineered differently to accomplish the same goal. Torsion Springs, Extension Springs, and Torque-master systems are the most common and can be seen above in the slideshow. Regardless of the spring type, if you notice your door not traveling normally, or notice a loud "bang" sound in the garage, or loose garage door cables, it is likely you have a broken spring. Broken Springs are typically easy to spot and diagnose. They can result in the vehicles being trapped in the garage or in a door getting out of track. Contact the Professionals with Door King to get you up and running quickly and safely!